The cooperation of the Partners within IS-Bremen ensures that a well international standing in the research comunity. The goal is to improve the vivibility research capacties in Bremen and around in the fields of information security and privacy. International cooperation ensures a good competitiveness which is essential for innovative developments and investigations.

  • Safeguarding of electronic business processes, secure entry and access methods
  • Mobile Security
  • Secure amd legally compliant usage of Digital Evidence
  • Systematic Weak Point Analysis
  • Usable Security Management
  • Early Detection of Anomalies in Complexe Systems, Early Warning Models, intelligent IDS, Artificial Intelligence Methods for safeguarding complex systems
  • Trust in complex systems
  • Modeling und Analyzes of Software Systems
  • Efficiente Privacy, Best Practice

The scientists of IS-Bremen are cooperating in research projects and research proposals to improve competences and develop synergies.