Wellcome to IS-Bremen,
the research cooperation for Information Security
in the northwestern part of Germany

IS-Bremen is a research cooperation of sientists and researchers of University of Bremen, TZI and University of Applied Science of Bremen, IAA.

By strongly grouping of the scientific activities and the tight contact to industry and IT-Business, IS-Bremen acquires and executes several research projects.

Main topics are:

  • Mobile Security
  • Secure Entry and Access Procedures (access management)
  • Usability of "Digital Evidence"
  • Systematic Weak Point Analysis (secure architecture)
  • Trust in complex Systems (e.q. Cloud Computing)
  • Early Detection of Anomalies in Complexe Systems
  • Efficiente Privacy in Practice
  • Survey of IT-Concepts, loss assessments
  • Teaching, Qualification and Education
  • We bring security to the applications!