Tasks and Goals

By focusing IT security and privacy as its main area, IS-Bremen establishes itself as a competence centre at an international level.

In addition to research, lecturing will be an integral part of its tasks. Inter-university lectures will ensure the availability of qualified talents.

Cooperation with companies and organizations on a regular basis will ensure that the results of research projects will not just be theoretical and allow for a fast knowledge transfer into business practice.

Last but not least the topic IT security itself shall be rooted more thoroughly in public awareness. For this purpose, projects will be run to realize a close collaboration with public schools and organizations within the federal state of Bremen.


IS-Bremen is a joint project of different experts in the area of information security and privacy and based on cooperative research and industry projects. Public relation will be handled by a coordination office.


Dr. Karsten Sohr
Prof. Richard Sethmann
Prof. Carsten Bormann
Dr. Thomas Kemmerich
Dipl.-Inf. Günther Diederich
Prof. Dr. Lambert Grosskopf


Freies Institut für IT-Sicherheit e.V.