• IS-Bremen together with Fraunhofer SIT hosts a "BSI IT-Grundschutztag" on 13. of June 2012 at University of Bremen
  • The Topic is:
    The world becomes digital - whom could be trusted?

  • IS-Bremen is supporting Bremen Invest (WFB)
  • Dr. Thomas Kemmerich and Prof. Lambert Grpßkopf are members of the IT-Security Regulars' Table, which is organized by Bremen Invest. The Goal of the IT-Security Regulars' Table is to to support stakeholders of regional enterprises in discussing aspects of "Information Security".

  • Grundschutztag at IS-Bremen
  • IT-Grundschutztag" in Bremen was well frequented
    More than 250 security experts from all over Germany visited the "IT-Grundschutztag" in Bremen at the end of march.


    The well-studded event under the auspices of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) offered under the phrase "raising and awreness" numerous presentations around the topic of "Information Security in networked computer systems". IT professionals and decision makers today identifying especially in the use of Smartphones and small mobile computers potential dangers for corporate data. This shows the numerous responses to a demonstration of the technology center for Computer science and information technology (TZI). Specialists of the Initiative "IS-Bremen" site showed how iPhone and iPad can manipulate unnoticed - from data theft to remote calls to pay-phone services. "Every Smartphone operating system, "said Florian Junge, Scientific Employee at TZI, "can be manipulated in this way". A Security strategy should therefore not ignore these dangers.


    Implementation of technical measures and improvement of awareness regarding the handling of sensitive corporate data are equally important tasks. The BSI Grundschutzkatalog as well as trained consultants assist in designing an appropriate security strategy. In his presentation, Dr. Thomas Kemmerich of IS-Bremen indicated the complexity of a complete security audit. The consultancy projects that IS-Bremen carried out in small and medium-sized businesses in the region, however, showed that so-called "quick checks" according to the BSI approach can help to reduce the fear of contact and to develop meaningful initial measures to enhance information security in these companies.


    A TV-Spot about the Grundschutztag was broadcasted by the local Television Provider "buten un binnen":
    buten un binnen

  • Event with the chamber of commerce
  • At the 02.16.2011 from 4pm to 6pm IS-Bremen, together with the chamber of commerce (Handelskammer), will arrange an event about the topic "Stable business processes through information security". You can find more details at the website of the chamber of commerce:
    Handelskammer Bremen

  • Mitglieder von IS-Bremen im Weser Report
  • Members of IS-Bremen appared at the 11.14.2010 in the local newspaper "Weser Report". They were asked about smartphones. The article is titled: Smart Mobiles - Dumb Users
    Smart Mobiles - Dumb Users

  • IS-Bremen hosts "Grundschutztag" at the 3.20.2011
  • The Topic was:
    Awareness - Facebook, Cloud, Always-On, are we still secure?

  • Project: Pupil are learnig secure usage of the Internet
  • After a lecture at Schulzentrum Rockwinkel, the project "Computer Networks and Information Security" will start a lecture at Herrman Böse Gymnasium
    Internetproject at SZ-Rockwinkel

  • IS-Bremen is involved in the Round Table "Media Competence" of the Bundesland Bremen teil
  • The scientists of IS-Bremen are coordinating the area of "Information Security"
    Round Table Medienkompetenz

  • Start of the Website
  • is now online.