Knowledge Transfer

Teaching at the University Bremen and the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen

In order to gain qualified young academics for the research area of "Information Security", scientists of the IS Bremen have tailored their offer of teaching courses towards the specific needs of our collaborative research. Students at both universities learn jointly theoretical foundations of information security and thereafter use this knowledge in practical projects.

Currently, we plan to establish a master profile "Safety and Quality" at the University of Bremen.



With the help of live hacking demonstrations, we show which kinds of security holes exist in IT systems and which impact these holes can have. Our presentations serve the purpose of creating awareness for information security.


Presentations and training courses for information security management (e.g., according to the BSI baseline protection) shall help companies and partners to record their IT infrastructure and protect it along their protection needs.

Cisco Networking Academy Program

A continuing education program in the area of network engineering and telecommunications for teaching staff of universities and vocational schools.


The Working Group Computer Networks (AG-RN) at TZI currently develops a concept for collaboration with the "Land Bremen". Within this phase, the course "Computer Networks and Information Security" will be offered in collaboration with the "Schulzentrum Rockwinkel". This course is meant for the 11th grade.

In the next months, this course will be extended by a collaboration with other Schools in Bremen and Bremerhaven.